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What is Carpooling?


Carpooling is the service of two or more families sharing a journey. This service works best when families are going to locations in the same direction or even the same location.


  • The cost of the transportation will be split with the families that participate in the car pool.

This service is best utilised if you know any families at the same school as your children , that would like to share the journey or someone that lives close to your home, going to a location in the same direction.

Carpools are great time-savers for busy parents and a more economical way of travelling if you compare the prices on our fares page.


On days when you need to have your children in different places at the same time, carpooling can be a lifesaver. Good carpools take cooperation, trust, and planning. Setting up a carpool to get your kids off to school or practice can save you time, money and reduce stress as well as reduce congestion. 


if you would like to join a carpool in your area please complete the following;

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