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  • What is carpooling?
    Carpooling is sharing the childcare journey with another family that is going in the same direction. Please click this link for further information
  • How much does the services cost?
    Childcare costs are £14 per hour including collection from school or activities, for subsequent time the costs are £12 per hour. The childcare car journey costs vary, which are dependent upon the distance travelled. Please have a look at our single journey rates and call us if you are enquiring about membership plans on 02080904144.
  • Do you have a safeguarding policy?
    Yes we do please have a look at our policy here
  • What is a meet and greet?
    A meet and greet is a meeting between the parent and the guardian to decide if both parties are happy with the arrangements. This helps parents to get to know the person who will be regularly transporting their child and also helps the guardians to get an insight on the family they will be working for. A meet and greet can be conducted either at our office 19-21 Chapel Road, West Norwood, SE27 0TY or at the parents home or a local coffee shop, a convienient loaction for the family (within reason).
  • What times do you offer childcare?
    Our guardians can either carry out daytime childcare services, evening childcare services and also overnight childcare services if this is something you require.
  • Is there a set guardian for each journey?
    Kids Services will match you with a guardian, which often lives within a close proximity to your home address. The same guardian is likely to carry out most of your journeys. However, in the case of this guardian being ill or on holiday, another guardian may be used as cover. All guardians which may carry out cover will have the relevant safeguarding documents. For example, a valid enhanced DBS, an MOT and drivers licence check.
  • How quickly can the service start?
    The service can start as soon as the meet and greet has taken place and both the family and the guardian are happy for the service to begin.
  • Do i have to have my own car to become a guardian?
    Guardians do not have to have their own car. Kids Services have walking guardians and also guardians which do transportation using public transport. If you do require car use then zip car can be utilized. However, this would be a small cost out of your wages.
  • Which areas do you carry our transportation?
    Kids Services currently only carry out transportion across London.
  • Do i need a DBS before applying?
    You do not need a DBS before applying as the DBS can be processed once you have applied. However, the DBS check is required to come back before you can start working with children.
  • What training do i require before starting work as a guardian?
    All guardians require paediatric first-aid training and safeguarding training which you can be sent on by Kids Services.
  • Is there an age restriction on the kids you transport and carry out childcare for?
    Kids Services do not have an age restriction. Transportation and childcare services can be carried out for all ages. Kids Services will provide the relevant safety transportation equiptment for all ages. For example, car seats/baby seats.
  • How do i register with Kids Services?
    Please visit the following link in order to regisiter with us:
  • Can i have a trial with my guardian?
    You are able to trial with a guardian for 7 days. If you further decide that this guardian is not suited to you and your family, Kids Services will match you with a different guardian or you can choose to end your contract with the company.
  • How do you work out the pay?
    The guardian is paid on the distance of the journey/run they complete.
  • Do you do transportation on the weekend?
    Yes. Kids Services can carry out transportation services on the weekend if this is requested. This includes taking children to activities, birthday parties and appointments.
  • How do i show you my documents for my DBS if it needs to be processed?
    You will have to bring your documents to the office at Deronda Community Hall, Jarrett Close, SW2 3DG before we can start to process the DBS.
  • Do you accept cash payment?
    Kids Services do not accept cash. All payment must be made online via debit/credit card.
  • How late can i schedule a pick-up?
    Our last pick up Monday-Friday will be 9pm. However, on Saturday-Sunday the last pick up/drop off will be 10pm.
  • How will my child know who is picking them up?
    A meet and greet between the parents and guardian will be arranged before the service begins. The child can also come along to this. Our guardians also wear 'Kids Services' tshirts in which the children will be able to recognise them.
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