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Our Mission, Values and Vision Statement

Value Statement


Kids Services values reliability and trustworthiness of our guardians, whilst providing care and understanding to families, social services and schools when carrying out safe childcare.


We value ourselves on:


  • ENGAGEMENT – Being responsive to parents, and engaging with the children on journeys to ensure they feel safe and comfortable at all times

  • RESPECT – Promoting a culture of equality for all, regardless of age, gender, race or religion

  • COMMUNICATION – Being genuine, open and honest with all of our customers

  • ACHIEVEMENT – We value providing the best quality childcare services possible

Mission Statement


Kids Services is dedicated to providing quality bespoke childcare services, delivered with trust, empathy and care.

Vision Statement


To make Kids Services the most trusted, reliable childcare service of parents choice, nationwide. Our vision is to expand our services overseas and increase the help we can provide across the world. Our vision also includes providing a safe, happy environment for all children in our care, at all times.

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