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Meet the Team

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Director / Occupational Therapist

Welcome to our team, we are here to help with your childcare needs.

We provide a meet and greet service whereby you can meet the guardians and see if they would be a good match for your family If you are viewing on our mobile site, less guardians are shown :)



Business Administrator

I really enjoy working for Kids Services and providing office support which includes customer and employee support. I keep well-organised files and records of our business activity.​

Additionally, I keep computer databases up to date, and I love Interacting with clients either on the phone or in person.

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I really enjoy Kids Services perspective and working for a company that listens to customer's needs.

​I work on brand values and coordinate efforts with those of the marketing partners of the company.

Whereby I communicate with the rest of the company.

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Recruitment Manager

My role is to ensure that we employ or contract guardians that have brilliant childcare experience or qualifications and willing to be trained. As a recruitment manager, I oversee the recruitment and human resource functions of Kids Services. I am responsible for the drafting, interviewing, and selection of prospective employees.

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Customer Service

I enjoy giving customers information about our Kids Services. I help customers understand the product and answer questions about how we are here to help.

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        Covers Surrey & surrounding areas

Hi, I'm Amanda. I am reliable, motivated and honest worker who loves working with children. I have been working with families and children since 1988 and working with children is a passion of mine and always will be. I currently work at Therfield School and have great experience in customer service, childcare, babysitting, nannying and teaching.



 Covers South London

I am the mother of two children, whom I love and adore. I enjoy working for Kids Services, because it fits in with my life, creating that work-life balance, this enable's me to continue being a mum and also have a working life. I have experience previously working in a school in Dulwich. I currently provide school runs for a child with SEN needs, whom I have built a lovely rapport and bond. I now am aware of SEN needs and I am able to be more aware of body language.


Covers Putney & surrounding areas


I have been working with Kids Services since October 2021. Prior to this, I have experience working in nursery and supply teaching assistant.

I have also always had children around me weather its family or friends. Being one of the eldest, I have always tried to be in a position where I can support the youngest generation.



Covers Kensington and Central London

My childcare experience stems from caring for my niece and nephew, who are aged 1 and 4 years old. I love helping with childcare needs and providing care and support for children.

I currently provide runs for a VIP client and enjoy providing this service for such a lovely family.


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Covers Morden & surrounding areas

I am a reliable and hardworking professional with a practical hands-on approach to work, who always perseveres to achieve the best results. I can collect and analyse information and quickly grasp what needs to be done. I am a great communicator and have problem solving skills (English/German) with a proven track record of reliability and an ability to manage and complete tasks to the highest standards while meeting deadlines under pressure and within limited time. I am well organised and a fast and proficient learner, capable of working unsupervised, with the ability to making decisions independently as appropriate and as required.


Covers Richmond & surrounding areas

Hello, I'm Rama and I have been working in nurseries for quite sometime. I manage my nursery work alongside school runs for the families & general childcare.


I love looking after children and I am a mother and understand the caring role including safeguarding policies and procedures.



Covers Putney Roehampton 

I am a French Teacher and I enjoy teaching students to gain confidence in speaking a new language.

A fun fact about me: 

I run a micro-museum from my home full of old English breadboards! 



Covers central London & Battersea

I am a social worker for a Family Early Help Service. I am a mother and enjoy the flexibility of Kids Services and providing vital childcare services for families. 




Covers Hurlingham, Putney and surrounding areas.

I adore driving and would love to find work in this field. I have been unable to work since I left my last job due to disability. However, thanks to the wonderful world of science and medicine I am now back up and running to roughly 80% of what I used to be which is wonderful and I am now ready to get back in to the world of work

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Covers South and North London


I have worked with Kids Services for two years, carrying out a number of varying childcare needs for all different children. I love getting to know the children and building a professional childcaring bond with them!

I also have experience in babysitting children from ages 6 to 12 years old.


Covers South London

My name is Stella and I run a property management business during the day but I love spending time with children. I have twin nephews, that I provide care for. I really enjoy working for Kids Services because I have met some really lovely families and I enjoy caring for their children.

Additionally, I am a very keen baker and cake decorator and enjoy sharing my skills.


Covers Brixton and surrounding areas


An energetic, enthusiastic, self-motivated person with great social and compassionate skills. Strong care and administration background with the initiative, desire and drive to be successful in everything I do. Working well under pressure whilst still providing high quality services. Persistent and highly flexible, with a very positive attitude to work. Always up for a challenge, whether it to beat my personal best, or work within a team to achieve success.




Covers Roehampton, Putney and surrounding areas.


I began my childcare experience as a nanny and did this for 3 years before I decided to study to be a Nursery Nurse. 

I then began my career as a teaching assistant. I worked at the school for twenty years, I provided 1:1 support for children with special needs and behavioural problems. 

I enjoyed watching the children grow and achieve their goals which made my job so satisfying.  I have been trained in Autism awareness, behaviour management, ADHD, art and play.




Covers North London and surrounding areas

I am an enthusiastic, friendly and hard working person. I am able to work both individually and as a part of a group successfully having good communication skills and a good sense of creativity. I speak confidently with the general public having the ability to express my views in a mature manner. I take responsibility for my actions. I enjoy caring for people, I am well organised and get on very well with others. If I were to describe myself in three words; I would say honest, polite and hard working person.



Covers South London

I have worked with Kids Services since 2018, providing childcare.

I have previously taught students to speak English, whilst residing in Spain. I also have experience working within a busy summer camp on Shelter Island, New York City. I worked closely with an autistic child for the whole summer helping him with the shock of camp life whilst creating a rapport with him to make his experience memorable. I delivered sessions to children ages 8 to 17 years old.

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Covers South London

I enjoy working for Kids Services and providing quality childcare, the children are great and put a smile on my face.

Additionally I am the CEO of an organisation called Tennis2Be, this is a not-for-profit UK charity, striving towards equality in tennis. We are deeply committed to ensuring tennis is enjoyed by a broad spectrum of participants, including disabled and special needs’ players. Through interaction with local communities, grassroots groups and local partners, Tennis2Be emphasises the positive points of involvement from the perspective of well-being and social engagement.



Covers North London

I enjoy working with children and being part of a team at Kids Services. They make me laugh and surround me with good energy. I have worked with children providing school runs, supervising and monitoring their safety whilst in my care.

I am the father of two children and a grandfather. I have cared for them and have taught them the moral values and principles of life. I have guided their steps in the best way possible. I also have a grandson who is 11 months old, who I absolutely adore!


Covers North London

I have four years’ experience as a nanny and maternity nurse with a specialism in establishing safe and effective sleep routines for single babies, avoiding the risk of cot death, newborn common skincare, eye care, bathing and cord care. I also have experience of initiating breastfeeding, coaching new mothers on breastfeeding and helping them understand lactation and common breast-feeding issues with causes and solutions, how to alleviate colic and reflux and knowledge of different formula milk and their suitability to newborn babies. 


As a mother of five children, I have first-hand experience of the challenges of taking care of newborn babies, parenting and all related wider system issues. For these reasons, I am able to relate very well with new mothers who may be experiencing post-natal care problems like baby blues and post-natal depression, helping to soothe any parental anxieties and facilitate their comfortable transition into parenthood.



Covers Central London

I have a daughter and my wife and I are such proud parents, so much so that we used to provide care as a family placement foster carer.


Additionally, I also have experience in escorting children for Westminister Council, this ensured that the children were safely cared for whilst taking them into care homes and also to school. I enjoy the team element of Kids Services and appreciate the work-life balance that they have provided.


Covers North London

I have experience carrying out school runs and childcare for children of all age groups. I have worked with Kids Services since 2018. I am currently studying childcare and Law and enjoy utilising continuing professional development.

I am a mother and enjoy family time and Kids Services provide that balance for me and my family.



Covers Bromley and surrounding areas


I am a mother of two young children and the families that I have provided service for, allow me to bring one of my daughters with me, which is very helpful and beneficial. My other daughter attends nursery and this allows myself and my husband to raise our family and also work and study.  Due to my two blessings, I understand the challenges and rewarding cycle of motherhood. My two girls definitely keep me on my toes.



Covers South London

I have many years of experience working with children. This includes working as a private interventionist tutor, providing 1:1 maths tuition, working in a homework club and as a , classroom assistant. 

I hold a number of qualifications such as understanding specialist educational needs in children and young people in schools (Level 2) introduction to dyslexia (Level 2), diploma in teaching mathematics. 




Covers North London

I have previously carried out school runs for Enfield Council whilst working with Kids Services.


I began working for the company in April 2019. I also often care for my nieces and nephews, who are a joy and keep me up to date with the latest toys.


Covers South London

I am currently studying medicine, and enjoy providing school runs for Kids Services.

Additionally, I have carried out school runs for many different families previously and I am always able to build a professional rapport and build a friendly environment, due to my smiley, bubbly character.




Covers Hammersmith and surrounding areas

I am a Nursery Nurse. I have many years of experience looking after children of all ages.


I previously worked in an after school homework club for children, for many years! Escorting children on day trips and learning activities.

I enjoy doing photography in my spare time.



Covers South London

I am currently studying fashion journalism degree. I thoroughly enjoy fashion this is one of my biggest hobbies!

I love working at Kids Services with children, who can be really hilarious and make me laugh. It is fun taking them to school and picking them up, they never fail to brighten up my day!




Covers South London

I have worked with the company since 2017.

I have experience in ensuring the children's journeys to school are fun and remembered!


I have experience babysitting children from age one and upward, I am an uncle to six nephews and I am close to all of them, I love spending time and socialising with my closest friends and family.



Covers South West London

I am a maths teacher with many years of experience working with children ranging from ages 4 - 16.

I am currently a teacher working at Oak Heights Independent school. I have worked at this school since 2015. Previously, I worked in a nursery as a holiday staff at Scamps daycare. I enjoy working at Kids Services because this fits within my current role, and is helpful to families that need tutoring support.

  • Enhanced DBS checks previously called criminal record bureau check


  • All of our Kids services Guardian's receive a full, extensive pre-employment check, including drug screenings, criminal background checks, and clean driving records.


  • Each Guardian is individually trained by a highly skilled Kids Services expert and will wear a company T-shirt.


  • With every pickup and drop-off, your child's location will be available, you will receive a notification once collected and once they are en-route.

  • In addition, when your child is dropped off at their destination, the guardian will walk your child to the responsible person directed by the parent at the time of booking.


  • If there are any issues, the guardian will make the necessary contacts to ensure an immediate and safe resolution. You can be confident that your children are always in safe hands.



                                                                                 Guardians Childcare Matching Services


There are lots of childcare qualifications available to those who work or wish to work with children. If the experience is substantial and relevant, we also take on nannies who have no qualifications, but have worked as a nanny, or in the childcare sector prior to registering with us. We believe a candidate with varied childcare experience, is often very beneficial for the continuing professional development.



We will endeavour to match guardians with families that may ask the following questions


  • Able to cook/prepare meat?

  • Multilingual?

  • An animal lover?

  • Experienced with twins?

  • Experienced with children/families with other special needs


  • Do you agree on the basics: food, discipline, routine?

  • Do you think you can get on with her and communicate well?

  • What was her favourite job and why?

  • What was her favourite aspect of her most recent job? 

  • What activities does she like to do with the baby: how would she plan her day?

  • Is she happy to fill in a daily diary?




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