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We Offer Childcare To Meet Your Needs!

Are you caught up with work? Are you just generally extremely busy and finding time management difficult? Well, Kids Services are here to help you and your family release the stress of juggling everything at once.

We promote safe and secure services at Kids Services. All of our guardians will have an enhanced DBS check and attend safeguarding and pediatric first-aid training.

At Kids Services, we offer childcare to fit the needs of you and your lifestyle. Our guardians can either carry out daytime childcare, evening childcare or even overnight childcare if this is something you require. Our childcare service can vary from anything to cooking for your children to taking them to activities and supervising them. Nannies will also help with school runs and even small cleaning jobs if this is something you request.

Before the services commerce, our company will arrange a meet and greet with the guardian and the family to ensure the best match is made. This guarantees that both the nanny and the family are content with who they will be working alongside.

Struggling to chose between sending your children to nursery or getting a childminder?

Childminders allow a one to one relationship to be build between your child and the nanny. This will result in an increased amount of attention received from your child. This also means a more intimate bond can be built, increasing happiness for both parties.

Childminders carry out the service in a home environment which allows the child to be more settled due to being in the environment in which they are used to. It may take some children a while to settle into a new setting and children often feel more comfortable in the comfort of their own home.

How quickly can the services start?

The services can start as soon as a couple of days. As soon as the meet and greet has taken place and both parties are happy, a start date can be arranged.

How do i request the service?

In order to request the service, you can either email us on admin@kidsservices.com or call us on 02080904144.

Kids Services are always excited to hear from new families and assist them with anything they may require help with. Our childminders have a genuine love for children and are dedicated and passionate to ensuring the best childcare experience to everyone they work with.

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