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Are you finding it challenging to balance your work life and personal life?

Are you having difficulty with work-life balance?

Kids Services offer transportation services in order to assist you with this.

Kids Services Ltd provides pre-booked transportation via walking, buses and cars for children through to teenagers. This service varies from school runs, to weekend activities to taking the elder teenager to late night parties.

Kids Services will arrange a meet and greet with the family and the guardian to ensure the match is suitable for everyone. The matched guardian will often live within a close proximity to yourself.

Kids Services collect children from the agreed specific location such as home to school. The guardians are able to collect the children from a designated point within the school grounds agreed by the parents and the school. The journey is fully tracked. When the driver drops the child to the destination, the driver will escort the child to the responsible adult.

In order to ensure safety, If it is a relative/friend who is unknown to the driver then a specific code previously agreed by the parents will have to be repeated to the guardian.

All Of Our Drivers:

⦁ Have an enhanced DBS check - previously called Criminal Record Bureau check.

⦁ Receive a full, extensive pre-employment check, including drug screenings, criminal background checks and clean driving records.

⦁ Individually trained by a highly skilled Kids Services expert and will wear a company t-shirt/badge

Parents are able to track their loved ones via the tracking facility - Get Swift.

The company is also able to provide video calling facilities within the vehicle if requested.

Kids Services also provide car seats for the children. These will be based on the height and weight of the child to ensure safety.

Do Not Stress Yourself Out With Rushing Around. Get Yourself a Guardian!

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