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Can I Take Care Of My Kids And Combine Them With My Work Schedule?

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

Caring for your children is pleasurable. It is also significant because it strengthens the bond between the parent or guardian and the child, establishes them as a go-to figure in the child's life, fosters trust, and, most importantly, creates beautiful memories.

The desire to be everything to our children motivates us to work hard to provide for them and be available. This works perfectly in many fairy tales but not so well in our world.

Can I take care of my work schedule?

This is a relevant question. Why? Work consumes a significant amount of our mental and physical energy. 90% of adults strive daily to do a decent job, do a better job, and get more jobs because it means more money.

We struggle with it at times. You have so much on your plate that you become overwhelmed, demotivated, or underpaid.

Especially if your job requires frequent travel or overtime, you’ve been gone all night, and all you want to do is lay in bed and recharge with a box of pizza and your favourite drink until you return to work.

The burnout season is the worst of all. You are tired, depressed, and mentally unfit to work, but you show up and complete your tasks.

Managing work schedules demands a lot from everyone. It is not easy, and we struggle to do it well because we understand our jobs’ importance.

Can I take care of my kids with my work schedule?

This question will be answered in the section's final sentence.

While caring for children is rewarding in terms of memories, it is also mentally and physically demanding.

You have it even worse if you work from home; you're having a severe work conversation when your child screams, you're disoriented, and you need to check. If your child decides that CoComelon isn't exciting enough and wants to sit on your lap or play with you, it will interfere with your work.

Some organisations recognise this and will never make you feel guilty, but a professional environment remains one and should be treated as such.

If you work from home, you may struggle to drop your children off and prepare their meals, and if an emergency arises at school, you must be present.

You'd have to operate with a mild sense of anxiety all the time, which might be bad for your health.

Yes, the emphasis is on combining work with children, which means that all the work and fun activities may be out of reach. You can't stay for dinner at Perries because you have to pick up your child, make dinner, and ensure they finish their homework.

If you have help, you can take care of your children while working.

Why do you need help combining your kids with work?

There are a million reasons why you need assistance integrating these two important aspects of your life so that they do not interfere with one another or cause you to crash.

Contrary to widespread belief, taking a break is not selfish, and getting assistance would ensure that things run smoothly.

These are some reasons you need assistance juggling your children and your job.

You get to breathe - this may sound cliche, but you get some quality time to yourself to live and do other things you've put off.

Bonds - Your children will form bonds with other people and learn to interact with other adults, influencing their development as active members of society. They better understand which influences are beneficial and which are not.

You do a better job - when you don't have to worry about your children, where they are, and what they could be doing, you can zero in on your work and do an excellent job so your performance isn't affected and you don't build a list of dissatisfied clients.

Work activities - You can devote more time to work activities, such as going out for an after-work drink with team members or attending a seminar to network and better understand your industry.

Increased value of time - the value of family time spent with your children grows as you become less irritable, more active, and indulge in their needs.

How Can Kids Services Help You Combine Your Work Schedule with Childcare?

Kids Services provide a trusted kids caring service, making them the best choice when you are ready to entrust your child to a professional. Our services are listed on our website to work around your schedule and ensure you get all the required assistance on time.

We concentrate on giving your child the best care possible while you are away, allowing you to focus on your work.

Get in touch via email or contact (0208 090 4144), and we'll discuss how we can help you balance your work and family obligations.


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