• Justice Esiri

What are the Duties of a Babysitter – and Where do Kids Services Come In

Experiencing trouble balancing work and childcare, or considering hiring someone to cover for you when you're unavailable? You require a babysitter and not just any babysitter, but one who is fully aware of their responsibilities.

A babysitter is someone who cares for a child in the absence of the child's parents or guardians. Some parents hire a babysitter to look after their children while they are away, either for work or because they are unavailable on short notice. Babysitting is a common practice in today's world, and it's important to understand the duties and requirements of a babysitter to avoid unpleasant situations for your child.

Babysitters should meet the basic childcare requirements, as well as have Paediatric First-Aid certification, enhanced DBS checks, and proper background checks. Here at Kids Service, our babysitters and nannies have all these requirements, and we take great pride in the fact that our babysitters are fully equipped to look after your kids.

In addition to these basic requirements, babysitters are expected to carry out social, emotional, healthy, and necessary duties for a child which will be listed one by one.

1. Babysitters are responsible for a Child’s Overall Well-being

One of a babysitter's primary responsibilities is to ensure the child's overall well-being. A babysitter must ensure that a child is properly attended to and that all the child's needs and desires are met. Every child has their social, emotional, and mental senses, and it is the responsibility of a babysitter to be aware of these aspects, pay close attention to the child, understand their reflexes, and provide solutions to their needs.

Our babysitters at Kids Service are fully aware of these nuances and the specific roles they must play to ensure a child's overall well-being.